How to stop hair fall from Pelo Baum

best way to stop hair fall from pelo baum

Ever experienced a hair fall like your hair comes out in clumps? My story will help you know how I treated my hair fall with an astounding range of hair care products.

Three months ago, I had a Keratin treatment, it was a great process, I had a lot of fun. After I was done with this treatment, my hair was thick, smooth, bouncy and obviously straight. The 3rd day while I was getting ready to go out on a party, I saw my hair on the floor. I did not take notice of it because I thought they are just dead end.

One day, I called saloon and made affirmation of either it’s because of Keratin treatment that I had 3 month back or vitamin deficiency. They assured me of no harm after this treatment, so I only had one option left now. I increased vitamin and water intake in my body to get my hair hydrated and not to fall apart. But the hair fall did not stop. As I touched my hair it starts coming out in bunch on my hand. So I decided to go with a medicine to stop hair fall and that was Pelo Baum which I bought from Meso Pro

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